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This is it ladies! I have started my fitness journey and of course I will be documenting with you ^_^

Above you can see the main attractions I would like to work on specifically, glutes, legs, stomach. Also working on my back and arms….but that picture didn’t work lol What I am doing is a series of workouts given to me by bodbot. A GREAT workout app if you are looking for one. I do my workouts at home for now as budgeting is tight and gyms aren’t cheap. But it is delightful! And if you are committed and actually do the workouts you feel its affects.

On top of wanting to tone in this journey i also want to be a lot healthier, inside. So I’ve been looking up foods and such that will help me get that jump started. The first thing I’m going to look into buying is Natures Bounty, Protein & Vitamin shake…. I’ve heard such great reviews about their products! Also, I need to look into where they sale kale and such…grocery store maybe?

I have two partners. My fiance and Ray, a good friend of mine. I’m whipping their butts into shape as well lol But I am more than willing to motivate others as well. Don’t think it is easier fore because I am already “so tiny” that isn’t being fair. Fitness and being healthy isn’t just about those wanting to lose weight, it’s about everyone who is willing to make a lifestyle change for the better. And I’ve begun that change! You’ll hear more from me soon

Just decided to tell you guys, I converted the twist to braids. I couldnt take the constant frizz at the ends or the re-twisting. I’ll try them again eventually because I really did love the look and feel of them. But right now I’m just not feeling the up-keep.

Told you I would update you on what my hair was doing! Enjoy, leave comments, like/dislike, and subscribe….maybe!


Life Update

I promised you people’s a list so to speak of all the things I am and have been doing. And will be soon. Not just for my hair but for health and all that too. sooo here goes.


I have been doing protective styles since February. Starting with Yarn braids, which were way to itchy. Now I have Marley twist and I am quite fond of them. There is a post about them already on the blog.

As far as moisture goes, I use the LOC method. L- for the liquid I typically use water. Just plain old good water. But as of recently I have been using the As I Am leave in conditioner, which has been keeping my hair hella moisturized lol. O- For Oil I always, always use EVOO and I’ve begun to use Grape Seed Oil as well. So a mixture of the two. and C- for cream, I always use She Butter. No variation, just plain good she butter. and that leaves my hair good and lovely for 3 days. Now in between those days I do a morning and nightly spray of water, EVOO, and grapeseed. Just for an added bonus. I only use the LOC method every three days because I don’t want to over do it.

I have also started using Castor Oil. A hot oil treatment once a week is what I plan on doing. So far I’ve only applied it once, so I’ll let you know how that is working as soon as possible.

I do not shampoo my hair. But I do wash it with Conditioner every two weeks. If I feel like I need to clarify it any more than that, I’ll use Apple Cider Vinegar. And I only Deep Condition once a month. and for that I use my favorite conditioner, honey (sometimes), Mayo, and Eggs. Whip it all up, apply to my hair, and then I sit for about 30-45 minutes.

With the protective styles, nothing has changed. I still keep up the same routine, except you need to water down conditioner and things. Its so it wont get stuck in your hair, which would basically defeat the purpose. But my regimen is the same. Nothing like consistency. Just be sure you keep up the maintenance on what ever style you have. Wrapping it at night, re-twisting/braiding where you see fit. And take it out when you feel you need to. Besides that nothing is different.


I take a vitamin. B super complex. You may not agree to it but so far it’s doing me good.

Also, I’ve taken to smoothies. I really love strawberry banana smoothies. And in order to not spend my money on getting one from a fast food place, this little lady got herself a blender and a blender cup for home made smoothies. Yep yep. I bought milk, fruit, ice…and that was it lol if you have any smoothies you think I should try please let me know?

Also, I’m a yogi. Lol I love yoga and I’ve been slacking off lately, but I promised myself that I will get back on top of it. And I will. So there is that part. Also I do squats. I sneak them in when no one s looking lol

And soon enough I’ll start jogging. Probably in the mornings near my house. There is a bit of a long street out here so I’ll just go with that. But that is all ladies and gents. If you have anything to say or recommend please let me know?

Story Corner: Looking Good At Work

We all know I recently installed Marley twist or jumbo twist as other people like to call them. So I was tentative because I’ve never had braids or twists this large in my head and for the most part everyone I work with has straight hair. So I was nervous about it.

So I’m on the phone with the net working guy (Justice! Hey if you can see this somewhere, somehow lol) And this older natural lady walks in. She has a nicely moisturized mini fro with the gray hairs and I am like yaaassss lol So she turns to me and says “Your hair is so nice. Who did it?” I told her I did and she smiled and told me I did a good job, it’s really lovely. And I swear it put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

I’m just saying I may be doing this for myself but it is nice to have recognition from others especially an older natural. She made me feel so good y’all I cant even deny it. It really is the little things that count lol

X-Mas gift... →


Just had a really great friend of mine order me some Shea-Butter w/ Jasmine Oil in it. I am excited to go ahead and get it and use it. Never tried Jasmine Oil before so it’ll be a first for me. Now, when I get it and…

You guys remember this?^^^ Yeah, well I’m not so sure my hair likes the Jasmine Oil or whatever. I finally finished the product. It smelled delightful and I used it for all the typical things I would use regular She Butter for but it didn’t have the same effects. It may work for you, but it didn’t do much for my hair sadly…. So I’ll be sticking to my Raw African She Butter from the hair store or flea market from now on lol

New video loves ^_^


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